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Focus: Revising articles

Source: Reddit fiction/BBC Business/arXiv academic abstracts

Time: 3-5 minutes

Description: This application is aimed at working on revising writing for articles. It uses authentic texts from fiction, news, and academic registers. Choose a type of writing, then select from the choices (or search for academic abstracts) and add in the missing articles.


Focus: Identifying and revising irregular simple past verbs

Source: Common irregular verbs

Time: 8 minutes

Description: Find the incorrect simple past forms. Touch them to collect 10 points. In the bonus round, type in the simple past form to get 50 points for each correct answer.


Focus: Identifying words with rhymes

Source: New General Service List

Time: 3 minutes

Description: Choose a word to rhyme with, then tap all the words that rhyme.

Stress Out

Focus: Identifying words with similar main stress

Source: Academic Word List (2000)

Time: 3 minutes

Description: Choose a stress pattern to match, then tap all the words that have the same main stress.